Wolfson Campus
Speech 5

Department of ESL and Foreign Languages

Lab Textbook Noteworthy 2: Listening and Notetaking Skills (Companion Website)
Pronunciation Help The Sounds of American English (The University of Iowa)
Idiom Dictionaries Cambridge Dictionaries Online (be sure to select the "Idiom Dictionary")
  Wictionary (Wikipedia)
  The Phrase Finder
Graded Participation Research a State
Assignments Research a Job
Fun and Games U.S. Map Game Can you correctly place the states on the U.S. map?
In-Class Resources Desmond Meade Video
Graded Recording Recording: The Great Immigration
  Script: The Great Immigration
  Handout: Using Sony Soloist to Record Your Voice
Cause / Effect Planning Sheet for Causes Presentation
Presentation Planning Sheet for Effects Presentation
Extra Credit Opportunities Miami International Film Festival (MIFF) website
  MIFF Volunteer Documentation Form
Class Grades Pronunciation Recordings 17%  
  Oral Grade #1 15%  
  Oral Grade #2 15%  
  Listening/Notetaking Test 5%  
  Idioms Quizzes 10%  
  Participation 5%  
  Final Exam (includes a listening/notetaking test) 33%