Wolfson Campus
Instructional Technology Tools
Department of ESL and Foreign Languages
  • Find and watch NBC news broadcasts that have been adapted and shortened in order to fit well into a lesson plan
  • Most videos are accompanied by transcripts and other information, including citation information
  • Integrate the videos into ANGEL tools, including discussion boards and quizzes
  • Create playlists to organize your favorites
  • Students have access to the site using their MDC log-in credentials, but the videos cannot be shared with people from outside the college
  • Find and listen to podcasts
  • Must install iTunes
  • ESL Lab Miami (by Kathleen Biache)
  • Find and view videos for your class
  • Create your own channel where you can organize your videos
Films on Demand
  • Digital educational video
  • Log in through the MDC library site:
    1. When you are at the MDC library site, click on the second tab ("Articles and Databases") to select it. This will take you to the Database Search homepage.
    2. You will see three choices: "Databases By Subject,"  "Databases A-Z," and "Journals A - Z." Click on "Databases A-Z."  This will give you an alphabetical list of all the available databases.
    3. Log on with your ID (your employee number without hyphens) and PIN (last four digits of ID number).
    4. Scroll down to "FMG on Demand" and click on it.
    5. You are now on the homepage of FMG. Click on "Connect to Database."
  • Create a tiny URL to use (and share) instead of a long one that won't fit on one line or is hard to remember
  • Social bookmarking site
  • Keep your bookmarks (favorites) organized online instead of in the browser software that is located on your computer's hard drive
Google Docs
  • MDC has its own Google Docs site
  • Create a Word, PowerPoint, etc. file that students can work on collaboratively over the Internet
  • Free software for recording and editing
  • Must be downloaded
  • Free voice recording service
  • Still in development but available for use
  • Web authoring tool
  • Templates make it easy to create linked interactive web pages for an online unit
  • Send students updates or interesting tidbits related to your course
  • Create eye-cathing (if not dizzying) presentations
  • Use other people's prezis in your class - they are all available online and there's a search feature
  • Tech Tools for the EAP Environment
  • Send your students a file and have them comment on it orally or in writing
  • Online brainstorming tool
  • Create concept maps with your classes; save, share and/or print the maps
  • Video email
  • Send your students a video message by email or via your ANGEL class
Hot Potatoes