Wolfson Campus
Writing 3
Department of ESL and Foreign Languages
Graded Assignments

Editing Quizzes

Graded Paragraphs
(including final exam)
Writing Good Sentences Word Order: Direct Objects and Indirect Objects
Complete and Incomplete Ideas
Simple Sentences
  Compound Sentences
Compound Sentences with BUT or SO
Complex Sentences that Express Time Sequence or Simultaneous Events
  Three Types of Sentences
Organizing Paragraphs Transition Words that Express Time Sequence or Simultaneous Events
and Relating Ideas Transition Words that Demonstrate Paragraph Structure
Choosing and Using Adjectives
Words Effectively Prepositions of Place
Using Correct Grammar THERE IS and THERE ARE
  Modals:  CAN and SHOULD; MUST and HAVE TO
  Verb Tenses: the Simple Present; the Present Progressive; Negatives in the Present Progressive; the Past Progressive; the Simple Past and Past Progressive
  Prepositions (JenniferESL YouTube video)
Punctuating Sentences Punctuating Compound and Complex Sentences
Correctly Avoiding Comma Splices and Run-On Sentences
Editing for Mechanical Capitalization
Mistakes Spelling
Class Presentations The Very Basics of Writing in English
  Miami Video (Insider Perks)
Adjective Lists Adjectives That Describe People
  Adjectives That Describe Places