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Carol Petrozella
LINK: Visit M-DCC District Site
School of Nursing 

Carol Petrozella
School of Nursing
Phone: 305-237-4455
Room 2324
Medical Center Campus
950 NW 20 ST
Miami, FL 33127

Teaching Responsibilities include Level II Nursing Courses Maternity and Community Health.

Flexible: Call 305 237-4101 for my schedule

Doctor of Education Nova Southeastern University
Masters of Science in Nursing  Barry University
Masters of Science in Education Florida International University
Bachelors of Science in Nursing University of Florida


I believe that with the right modeling by a nursing instructor a student can learn how to  be an effective nurse. Students need to be encouraged to excel  by always giving them the opportunity to reach for more learning and skills. Students will meet the challenge when the bar is set. Students need to be given opportunities to develop leadership skills through student organizations. Faculty should be actively involved in professional and student organizations and support student involvement.

Ethics is a value and a way of life which is an integral aspect of education. Higher education is a privilege. Education incurs responsibilities of citizenship. In a democratic society, educated persons have the responsibility to advocate for social change and champion the rights and needs of vulnerable and des-enfranchised members. Professional service to the community should be integrated during the educational experience. This value should be internalized by graduates and continue after graduation.


Director, Institute for Ethics in Health Care Medical Center Campus

The Institute is funded with grants and includes a web site which may be reached from  The Medical Center Campus' page.  The purpose of the Institute is to: Create an awareness in the community of ethical issues in health care; impart to faculty and students the skills and background needed to apply critical thinking and ethics in their disciplines; promote a forum through which skills and decision-making related to ethical issues in health care can be addressed; to promote collaboration among disciplines.


College  Training and Development Coordinator, Medical Center Campus

 Each campus has a CT&D coordinator whose job it is to identify Campus/District area needs, assist in the operational planning of training and development events, coordinate activities on the campus, and deliver training as appropriate. District Office staff develop the specific programs to address the College’s training priorities. They work closely with Campus Coordinators to ensure that there is consistency in the delivery of college-wide programs and that all employees receive the appropriate training. 


I enjoy horse back ridding on the weekends.  I am a guide at Tree Top Park in Davie.  I also assist during the summers as a camp counselor.  I enjoy my quiet time by reading historical novels.  Being a grandparent is exciting and keeps me busy.
  Florida Nurses Association Offices: Bioethics Chair, Delegate at Large for Education and Policy Councils

Florida League for Nursing: Office: Director (elected)

Florida Nursing Students Association: FLN Consultant (appointed by FNSA Executive Board)

March of Dimes: South Florida Community Services Program (appointed)

Prevent Blindness Florida: Amblyopia Trainer

American Cancer Society: Triple Touch Instructor

AHCA Managed Care Ombudsman Committee (final term 10-2004)

Florida Special Olympics

COPE South AHEC Project

  College Training and Development
  Florida Nursing Students Association
  Institute for Ethics in Healthcare
  Medical Center Campus
  Miami-Dade Community College School of Nursing
  Florida Nurses Association
  Earth Ethics Institute
  Florida Bioethics Network
  March of Dimes: FNSA Community Health Project
  March of Dimes Conference Presentation, November 19th, 2004
  Bioterrorism PowerPoint- Barbara Russell
  Organ Donation PowerPoint/Rob Taukus
  You Have the Power to Donate Life/Life Alliance
  Making a Difference: Ethics, Advocacy, and Women's Health Activism