Information and Exercises for Pharm/Calculation
Drug Information – generic and brand name

Drug names, side effects, contraindications



Keep up to date on the newly- approved drugs



Doctor’s answers to questions about drug information



Center for Drug Evaluation and Research



Self Assessment in Pharmacology



Helpful hints for nurses



Advanced drug search, frequently asked questions. Also includes online Taber’s medical encyclopedia



Drug Calculations Use this to check your IV  drip calculations. No explanations given.



Nursing calculators to  check your math for drug dosage calculations



Excellent resource to calculate weights, measures and temperature from one unit to another



Drug and pharmaceutical information sites, online clinical calculators, and drug calculation quiz page


Mini math tutorial to aid in dosage calculations. Provides a link to the conversions which are required for the problems. An excellent site!



Drug dosage calculations quiz. This is simply a list of problems involving calculating drug dosages.



Tutorials on metric conversions, tablet and fluid dosage calculations and IV flow rate calculations