Course:                       PHY 2049


Instructor:         Sergio R. Garcia

Phone:                       305-237-6038


Office Room:            1337

Course Description:                Foundation course for physical science and engineering                                                                                                            

                                                  majors. PHY 2049 includes electricity, magnetism, waves         

                                              and optics. Prerequisite PHY 2048 with a C or better.


Textbook:                                 Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 5th edition, by



Examinations:                          There will be five exams and a comprehensive final exam  

                                                   administered during the semester. If the final exam grade is

                                                   higher than any one of the five exam grades it may

                                               substitute that one grade. If you have to miss an exam for

                                               any reason the final exam grade will substitute the missing

                                               grade. Absolutely no make-up examinations will be given.

                                               The exams will be critiqued in class. After the critique

                                               period you must return your test. Failure to do so will result

                                               in loss of grade.You may study your test at my office.

                                                   Critical work, or grade, will be discussed only in my office.

Grading Policy:                         A = 100 - 90           C = 79 - 70

                                                    B = 80 - 89            D = 69 – 60

                                                    F = 59 or bellow

                                               All test and the final exam will count equally toward

                                               your final grade.


Experimental Project:            The extra credit assignment consist of the construction of a    

( Extra Credit )                     project followed by a short presentation of your finalized 

                                              project in class. The project must be on applications of

                                              theoretical concepts covered in the course. Guidance on

                                              selecting and construction of your project will be provided

                                            by your instructor if needed. This extra credit assignment              

                                            will count 5% of your final grade.

 Attendance Policy:               Attendance to class is encouraged. Roll will be called

                                                at every class session. Students who attend class and

                                                do not appear on the class roll will be asked to report to

                                            the Registrar's Office  to obtain a paid/ validated schedule.

                                                Under no circumstances will you be allowed to remain in

                                                class if your schedule is not stamped paid/ validated.

  Withdrawal Policy:              If you decide to withdraw from the course, it is your

                                            responsibility to do so.