Subject vs. Object Pronouns


“Old King Cole was a merry old soul.

What a merry old soul was he.”



              Subject                                   Object

                     I                                               me

                     you                                          you

                     he                                            him

                     she                                           her

                     it                                              it

                     we                                            us

                     they                                         them


Me and my friend went to the store.


My friend went to the store.

Me went to the store.



Give this to Bob and (she, her).


Give this to ______________.



Keep this between you and (I, me).

It is (I, me).

BE = Linking Verb, linking subject to a word that renames the subject




Decide which pronoun to use.


Sam and (me or I) registered for class.


Me registered.

I registered.


Vic runs faster than (me or I)


Vic runs faster than me run.

Vic runs faster than I run.


(Us or We) students are planning a party.


Us are planning a party.

We are planning a party.






Pronoun Agreement

Indefinite pronouns are singular.


SOMEBODY left HIS/HER book in class.

EVERYONE wants HIS/HER vote to count.

ALL of the children love THEIR teacher.



EACH of the students needs (HIS/HER, THEIR) schedule revised.

NEITHER of the salads has (ITS, THEIR) calorie count listed.



Pronoun Reference


Be clear about the person or thing you are talking about.


The following sentences lack a clear pronoun reference.


1. We went to Disney World last weekend.

2. My brother and his boss were talking, and he mentioned how he was looking forward to the weekend.

3. Betty is sensitive, but she doesn’t always show it.