Coordination and Compound Sentences


One type of sentence is the compound sentence.  A compound sentence combines two independent clauses (sentences).




















A.      One way to create a compound sentence is by using a            joining word called a coordinating conjunction.


          Remember the word BOYFANS.  This word can help you      remember the coordinating conjunctions.  Conjunctions     are joining or “matching” words.  Use an appropriate        word to match the ideas in two sentences you want to combine. 






Sentence (IC) ,                            for                           sentence (IC) .





Notice there is a comma in front of the coordinating conjunction.


BUT = YET       (opposite, contradiction)

OR =                   choice

AND =                addition

NOR =                 “not or”

FOR =                because

SO =                    a result


She was tired , ________________ she took a nap.

She took a nap, _______________ she was tired.

B.      Another way to create a compound or double sentence is to use a semicolon.  Semicolons are used like periods. 


          a.      The Semicolon Alone


IC ; IC .


                   EXAMPLE:      She was tired; she took a nap.


                   Do not capitalize the word after the semicolon.


          b.      The Semicolon with the Adverbial Conjunction

                   (AKA the ConjunctiveAdverb or TRANSITION)


                   Remember the words HOTSHOT CATS.  They will                          help you remember some of the transitions.



               on the other hand



Sentence (IC) ;                     hence                           ,  sentence .







          EXAMPLE:      She was tired; therefore, she took a nap.